About Metal Line Automatic

Carcase Otel Beton Fasonat

Our company, founded in 2013 as a joint stock company, has its own production base located in Ovidiu, Constanta County.

S.C. Metal Line Automatic S.A. operates on an area of 5800 square meters, of which a production hall of approximately 1000 square meters and 4,000 square meters of storage platforms and operational platforms.

The production hall is equipped with four numerical controlled carving machines MEP Italy, of which:

Material handling is done with a fixed crane, with a 4 tons capacity, fixed on the technological platform and also with forklifts and TEREX wheel loaders.

For concrete steel with diameters from 18 mm to 40 mm, the factory is equipped with semiautomatic carving machines and guillotines.
Carcase Otel Beton Fasonat
Carcase Otel Beton Fasonat

The processing capacity of the factory is:

Our company can provide transportation for the reinforced steel processed at the site, at a different charge that the steel processing one, depending on the distance to the location.